Everyday Women is a lifestyle and wellness brand where motivated, amazing, beautiful, go-getting (sound like you?) everyday humans can come together and empower each other on self love and their overall state of wellness.

We provide you with self care tips and host pop up events so you can experience that new new. By new, we mean connecting with new people and learning new tools and tips to help you along the way in your self love journey. We hope to be your one stop shop for self-improvement and community.

But who is it for? Well, everyone! We know we're called Everyday Women, but that's because women were the original reason this baby was created. But honestly we think everyone from anywhere can benefit from our tips and events. ♡



Krizell Sullano, RN, IHP

Krizell has been in the nursing field for 68 years, just kidding, more like 12 years but who's really counting. From that decade of experience, she has found a passion in preventative health and believes that good health begins with self love. That's why she started Everyday Women. She's on a mission to help others find the value in themselves so they can create a healthy lifestyle, a life they have always dreamed of. Since founding Everyday Women, Krizell has gotten her Level 1 Integrative Health Practitioner Certification under Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Stephen Cabral, as well as completed her Yoga Teacher Training at One Down Dog in Los Angeles. Her goal is to help fill the world with even more amazing people. Other than that she's really good at handstands and petting all the dogs.