What well women are saying

Dear Everyday Women,

Thank you for building a community that has allowed me to feel empowered and fully supported by women who are growing and going through the same things as me. Since  your first event with Sahara rose (learning about the way food impacts  our mind and body) and other various events such as with tori Washington’s soul revival. I have fully felt how much these events have helped me step into my being and guided me into feeling that there is meaning and purpose to my life. Thank you for inspiring me each day! And bringing these events into existence.   

-ari t.

The south bath and ritual bath salts was my first Well Women Club (formerly Everyday Women) event. It was such a wonderful event - fantastic facilitation and discussion about self-care and the activities we were doing, amazing participants that helped the environment be friendly and welcome.

Though a super intense experience for me, I walked away more curious about sound healing and how to incorporate it into my self-care routines and learned a bit more about myself too. Thank you so much for hosting such an informative, welcoming, and fun experience!

-mitch m.

Krizell opened my records and it was one of the most healing experiences I’ve ever encountered. She guided me through my records and allowed me to connect to the parts of myself that were so dark and protected, she was able to talk to my mom who passed when I was 6 & give me her message, and allowed me to understand relationships and patterns keeping me scared, small, and stuck in my ego.

It’s been 3 weeks since my reading and the growth, expansion, and manifestations that have come into my world are NEXT LEVEL. She allowed me to release the wounded pieces of my soul so that I could evolve into my most true and authentic self

I’m excited to keep working with Krizell so I can  keep unlocking the parts of myself that have been lost during this lifetime (and past lifetimes!) so I can truly understand and know the deep rooted beliefs and desires in my soul as I keep rising into the best version of myself

-emily g.

I left the Anxiety Resilience workshop feeling at ease and confident that I learned the right tools needed to control my anxiety. I am ready to take to leap and make space to manage my anxiety and take the needed steps to change my lifestyle and reclaim my life. Jasmine Leventhal did a tremendous job at delivering the workshop, making the room feel comfortable and safe.

-deyanira s.